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Our Clients

  1. A.M.Al- Jaber General Contracting and Support Services, Jubail
  2. Mouwasat Hospital, Dammam, Jubail and Qatif
  3. Gulf Asian Medical Centre, Jubail
  4. Woongnam, KSA
  5. GSSC, Al-Khobar
  6. SGB Dabal, Jubail
  7. ACE Brokers, Jubail
  8. Abdul Nas and Partners, Ras Tanura KSA
  9. Faisal S. Al- Naimi Est, Jubail
  10. Al-Yasser General Construction, Jubail
  11. SISCO, Jubail
  12. PSDE, Al- Khobar
  13. Gulf Elite, Dammam
  14. Qanbar Dywidag, Jubail
  15. TCC, Jubail
  16. Al-Najm AL-Thaqib Est.
  17. Matcon Contracting, Dammam KSA
  18. ASACCO, Jubail KSA
  19. Town Gate gen. Cont. & Trading Est. Jubail, KSA
  20. Al- Osais International Holding Co., Jubail, KSA
  21. HONEYWELL Turki Arabia Ltd, Jubail Industrial City
  22. Naba Contracting, Jubail Industrial City
  23. Tamam Plastics and Moulds, Dammam Industrial City
  24. TQ, Al-Khobar
  25. SPSP, AL-Khobar
  26. Sumitomo, KSA


Burgeons comprehensive range of end-to-end IT services is designed to satisfy the needs of businesses of every size to compete and succeed in the global market.
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Our experienced team of engineers are able to provide you with every IT support and tech support service you’ll ever need, including support of Unified Communications, Server & PC, Network
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Web Projects
We specialise in web design, web development, ecommerce, Search Engine Optimization, and online marketing solutions. Our designs successfully engage and convert potential enquiries into direct sales.
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